Hydrating the next stars of Motorcycle Racing

Danny Webb started off using the cellular fitness protocol after searching for a natural hydration option to help his own career as a professional motorcycle racer in the Endurance World Championship. After seeing instant results and long-term benefits using HYDRATE 78 and HYDRATE 78 Night, not only in his training but during competition and recovery. 

Natural and educational

After seeing the positive effects on Danny’s performance and recovery he decided to introduce the Cellular Fitness range into his GP camps which would be attended by the next generation of Motocycle racing stars.

“I started Danny Webbs GP Camp to help support young and up and coming talent in the motorcycle industry providing them with training on and off-track including education in fitness, health, wellbeing, nutrition, hydration, media training, mindset, rider techniques & more. The GP camps gradually became popular with the younger generation which led to us setting up a small team of riders who are competing in a kid’s championship in the U.K and supporting riders in Europe.

We provide all members of the team and all customers at the training camps with Hydrate 78 and aim to educate on the benefits of complete hydration.

At the beginning of course it’s not easy to get all kids to take something that isn’t artificially sweetened however with the education from cellular fitness for parents as well as the kids and after physically feeling the benefits especially after a sweaty training session or a tough race we barely even have to remind them now.”

Brain Health

“Brain health and concussion is a massive part of our sport and although we know it’s important and that concussion is dangerous there is not enough education & support available and we believe it’s imperative this is learnt from a young age and why we proudly support cellular fitness’s From The Shoulders Up Campaign.

We hope to make a positive impact within our sport in partnership with cellular fitness.”